F. I. J. C.

Welcome to the Functional Imaging Journal Club webpage!  The purpose of our Journal Club is to provide a forum for people to present, review, and discuss virtually any journal article, experiment ideas or methods related to functional imaging and analysis.  We are planning to meet every Wednesday at 3pm in Lab Room C of the Center Building, however, the time and location will vary.  Our sessions will be open to all research staff of the NRC, as well as any guest speakers and researchers.  Below you will find a schedule of presenters, as well as links to the specific article or topic for each week.

Everyone is encouraged to join us in our exploration of new and exciting research angles.  Presenters will have the opportunity to instigate mind-stimulating discussions on topics of special interest to them, as well as receive valuable feedback on current projects.  Anyone interested in presenting should contact me (David Dean) at dddean@harthosp.org or 860-545-7233 to reserve a week.  Hopefully, this will be a fun and exciting learning environment for everyone involved. 











Wed 2/5/03

3:00 pm / Library

Kristen McKiernan Ph.D.

Article by Debra Gusnard:  Searching for a Baseline:  Functional Imaging and the Resting Human Brain


Wed 2/12/03 3:00 pm / Library Vince Calhoun Ph.D. Article by Jacco de Zwart:  Application of Sensitivity-Encoded Echo-Planar Imaging for Blood Oxygen Level-Dependent Functional Brain Imaging Summary
  Wed 3/5/03 3:00 pm / Library    Stephen  B. Hong Ph.D. Book Chapter by W. Chen:  Principles of BOLD Functional MRI   Summary
  Wed 3/12/03 3:00 pm / Library Kent Kiehl Ph.D.  Article by Adrien Desjardins:  Removal of Confounding Effects of Global Signal in Functional MRI Analyses  Summary 
Wed 3/26/03 3:00 pm / Library David Dean Book Chapter by Marcus Raichle:  Functional Neuroimaging: A Historical and Physiological Perspective Summary
 Wed 4/9/03 3:00 pm / Library Robert Astur Ph.D. Article by Nikos Logothetis:  Neurophysiological investigation of the basis of the fMRI signal Summary
 Wed 4/16/03 3:00 pm / Library Vince Calhoun Ph.D. Article by David Leopold:  Very Slow Activity Fluctuations in Monkey Visual Cortex: Implications for Functional Brain Imaging Summary
 Wed 5/14/03 3:00 pm / Library Martin Hejnar Article by Oury Monchi:  Wisconsin Card Sorting Revisited: Distinct Neural Circuits Participating in Different Stages of the Task Identified by Event-Related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Summary
Wed 5/28/03 3:00 pm / Library Kim Celone Book Chapter by Jeffrey Cummings:  Violence and Aggression Summary
Wed 6/11/03 3:00 pm / Library Karyn Groth Article by Vince Calhoun:  Alcohol Intoxication Effects on Visual Perception: An fMRI Study Summary
Wed 7/2/03 3:00 pm / Library Stephanie Chow Article by Franck-Emmanuel Roux:  Language Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Preoperative Assessment of Language Areas: Correlation with Direct Cortical Stimulation Summary
Wed 7/23/03 3:00 pm / Library Karyn Groth Article by Dirk Lichtermann:  The Genetic Epidemiology of Schizophrenia and of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Summary
Wed 7/30/03 3:00 pm / Conference Room Stephanie Chow Article by Susumu Mori:  Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging:  Its Principle and Applications Summary
Wed 8/6/03 4:00 pm / Conference Room Chad Farris Article by Michael Kraut:  Object Activation from Features in the Semantic System Summary
Wed 8/13/03 4:00 pm / Conference Room Steven Chao Article by L. Cohen:  Language and Calculation Within the Parietal Lobe:  A Combined Cognitive, Anatomical and fMRI Study Summary
Wed 9/24/03 3:00 P.M. Conference Room Matthew Johnson Book chapter by Jackson Beatty & Brennis Lucero-Wagoner:  The Pupillary System Summary
Thurs 12/04/03 3:15 P.M.  Conference Room

Karyn Groth

Article by Dayas CV.  Buller KM.  Crane JW. Xu Y.  Stressor Categorization: Acute Physical and Psychological Stressors Elicit Distinctive Recruitment Patterns in The Amygdala and in Medullary Noradrenergic Cell Groups


Wed 1/14/04 Noon/Lunch

Conference Room

Nicole Giuliani Article by John Ashburner and Karl J. Friston:  Voxel-Based Morphometry--The Methods Summary