F. I. J. C.

Welcome to the Functional Imaging Journal Club webpage!  The purpose of our Journal Club is to provide a forum for people to present, review, and discuss virtually any journal article, experiment ideas or methods related to functional imaging and analysis.  We are planning to meet every Wednesday at 3pm in Lab Room C of the Center Building, however, the time and location will vary.  Our sessions will be open to all research staff of the NRC, as well as any guest speakers and researchers.  Below you will find a schedule of presenters, as well as links to the specific article or topic for each week.

Everyone is encouraged to join us in our exploration of new and exciting research angles.  Presenters will have the opportunity to instigate mind-stimulating discussions on topics of special interest to them, as well as receive valuable feedback on current projects.  Anyone interested in presenting should contact me (David Dean) at dddean@harthosp.org or 860-545-7233 to reserve a week.  Hopefully, this will be a fun and exciting learning environment for everyone involved. 






Wed 10/2/02

3:30 pm / Lab Room C

Jin-Suh Kim Ph.D.

Warping Correction for EPI Scans


Article by Peter Jezzard:

"Correction for Geometric Distortion in Echo Planar Images from B0 Field Variations"


Wed 10/9/02

3:00 pm / Lab Room C

Eric Egolf

Independent Component Analysis (ICA)


Tutorial by Aapo Hyvarinen:

"Independent Component Analysis: 

Algorithms and Applications"


Wed 10/16/02

4:00 pm / Lab Room C

David Dean

Navigation in Virtual Environments


Article by Daniel Pine:

"Neurodevelopmental Aspects of Spatial Navigation:

AVirtual Reality fMRI Study"


Wed 11/6/02

3:00 pm / Lab Room C

Tim O'Keefe

Variability in AC Amplifier Distortion


Article by Carrie Joyce:

Variability in AC Amplifier Distortion:  Estimation and Correction


Wed 11/20/02

3:00 pm / Lab Room C

Karyn Groth

Auditory Evoked Response

Article by Ulrich Hegerl:  Intensity Dependence of Auditory Evoked Potentials as an Indicator of Central Serotonergic Transmission


Wed 12/11/02

3:00 pm / Lab Room C

David Dean

Video Games: The Virtual Drug

Article by M.J. Koepp:  Evidence for Striatal Dopamine Release During a Video Game